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AUSFS (Australian Football Service) was established in 2011 with part company Cityroos with focus on football academy and then was made official by 2016 expanding its business. AUSFS provides a broad football service and focuses on Players & Managers as a Agent, organises International & Domestic Tournaments, Youth Development, Sports Tours and provide Sports Education for clients who want to excel in their sector and make a Career for themselves.

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AUSFS delivers professional and personal development clinics in collaboration with its top-class partner clubs for football teams as well as for individual players and coaches.
The youth development program targets boys/girls from U8s-U16s focusing on the European modern football culture and the unique style of each individual club.
AUSFS is a bridge and a platform to generate mutual benefits and support for its partners. AUSFS unites football clubs, academies, and schools from different countries with top-class football clubs.

Developer Impact
AUSFS brings you and your team to train at top-class football clubs’ youth academies with their professional academy coaches at state-of-art academy facilities where the real legends were born.
Educational Impact
AUSFS include various educational workshops and trainings –given by our professional partner clubs’ – such as language, mental and communication that have crucial importance on young professional footballers and their personal life.
Safety and Support
Your bilingual AUSFS Tour Guide will accompany you and your team 24/7 from the welcoming until the last minute. All AUSFS tour guides have a ‘Child Wellbeing and Protection’ training before they become a AUSFS tour guide.
Coordination & Supervision
Your AUSFS tour will be coordinated and supervised by a dedicated AUSFS tour coordinator from the first touch until the last minute. All the tour program and activities will be prepared considering your team’s needs and goals.
● Develop your team technically and tactically.
● Home-grown footballers with overseas experience.
● Establishing close ties with top-class football clubs.
● Recognizing different football markets.
● Understanding Sport and cultural lifestyles.
● Learning new technical and tactical systems.
● Working with professional coaches.
● Working with professional coaches.
● Improving language skills.
● Creating personal solutions to adaptation problems.
● Gaining unique football experiences.
• Working experience with foreign technical staff.
• Learning new technical and tactical systems.
• Improving football knowledge, learning new training methods.
• Taking a chance to understand foreign footballers mental state.
• Creating a network in the international football environment.
• Improving language skills

 AUSFS Development Programs aim football, social and mental development for young footballers, and increasing the quality of football teams.


1. Which age categories are able to join AUSFS Youth Development Programs?

– Everyone between 8-16  years old is able to join the program.

2. Who can join AUSFS Youth Development Programs?

Our programs are open for football clubs, football academies, university teams, schools, and association’s/organisations -both for girls and boys footballers. Besides our programs are open also for coaches.

3. What is the process of AUSFS Youth Development Programs?

You choose one of AUSFS partner clubs –with considering availability of the partner club. Then, we create a program calendar and activity lists according to your team’s goals and needs.

4. What is the cost of the programs?

The cost of the programs varies depending on the duration, activities, number of participants, and the destinations. Contact your AUSFS  Staff  for a selected program

5. Who will take your group around at the partner club?

AUSFS tour Guide or partner club staff will accompany your group from the first minute until the last minute. Our guides are bilingual and they are prepared to manage any situation  that may occur.
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